Veronica Fourcade

creadora de jungledenim

About me

Product journeys to analyze trends, turning them into strategies for collections.
In 1998 I took my first steps into the denim market, from design and production. From then on, I’ve dived into the techniques of denim wear, so unique and special, from design, fabrics, dyeing, new technologies.

As a jeanswear expert, I have designed collections for several brands in the industry, domestic and foreign, and for jeanswear industrial laundries. I have gone through the different stages: design, product management and third party collections (finished product).

My academic career

Founder of the first chair in Denim Wear, Module 1 and Module 2, since 2015 to date.

FADU-UBA professor since 2000 to date.

Academic coordinator of Programa Crecer driven by FAIIA since 2013 to date.
Creator of the first DENIMWEAR Advanced Seminar at FADU-UBA.

Diseñadora de Indumentaria –Posgrado Carrera Docente
Project Management
Seminario ejecutivo de producción. Visiones .Lean Manufacturing
Telas Índigo .Tejido de punto. Auditoria de Prendas

Moments in my career

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